I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking, “Jeeze man, you don’t update very much. You’re a bad person. I wouldn’t be surprised if you kick defenseless kittens in the street.”

Believe me, I know.

Unfortunately, I find myself paralyzed by self criticism. It feels like everything I actually put on paper is would be a disgrace to anyone who might read it.

I’m currently struggling with:

– The importance of data tracking: Disturbing trends I’ve noticed in my last training assessment and physical markers.

– Crazy Soviet training principles: The Soviets did some really impressive research on strength training. I’m testing to see if some of it can help rectify the above problem.

– Thermal Loading goodies: The logic and scientific reasoning behind standing under cold water for a few minutes a day.

– Treating yourself like a client: A reflection on an article I read that made quite a bit of sense to me.

– Talent is a four letter word: Mainly based off stuff I used to study in psychology about the negative impact of innate ability over dedication to a task.

Since you can’t take out your anger on me during the WOD’s do so now and let me know what you’d like to see by following this link to facebook or filling it out below.