There is a way you can eat whatever you want and not gain weight.

I get asked some interesting questions in my current profession. Some smart, some interesting and some that make me want to lock myself away and scream.

Most recently, I was asked: What exercise would I need to do so that I can eat whatever I want?

Gorging on 6 big macs in one sitting? Suck down 3 pints of ice cream every night? How about eating 1 KG of steak for breakfast? Or maybe mainlining milkshakes through an IV without worrying that it would go straight to your hips?

It’s doable, and the answer very simple:

Train proportionately.

But to phrase it in a way that makes more sense,

Eat in proportion to how you trained that day.

There’s a catch.

There are quite a few actually. This formula ignores the role of hormonal response, sleep, vitamin D exposure, genetics, meal timing, meal frequency and a slew of other factors that play a role in fat loss. This assumes that you’re happy keeping your weight where it is and that you don’t want to increase or decrease in any way. This also assumes you know how to train correctly, that you have a training program that doesn’t suck, and that you train frequently.

Odds are, some things are lacking. But that’s ok. The formula still works.

The 6 big mac example? True story:

It’s the regular post training meal of “Captain” Kirk Karwoski. He’s a 125 KG power lifter with a surprisingly low body fat percentage. He can also squat 1000 lbs for 2 reps and was the man who raised the world record from 903 lbs to 1003 lbs.

He eats in proportion to his training needs.

Rowers, Olympic lifters, powerlifters and Crossfitters all do very high intensity work on a daily basis. They can get away with eating things that the average person can’t.

You really want to be able to eat whatever you want?


Clean up your diet and start training seriously. Don’t just show up and make an appearance. Don’t run for an hour in the “fat burning zone” and think that what you just did qualified as effort. Push yourself. Train till you feel it. Take a day or two off and try again. Don’t worry, you’ll break mentally before you break physically.

Now do that for a few months. Put on some muscle. Keep increasing the weights you use. Lift heavy things often. Put some weight overhead and squat with it. KB swing and pull up until you can taste the food you had three days ago. See yourself as a machine and food as fuel for it. Burn off all the excess fat stores you spent years building up. Train until you’re at single digit body fat.

How tough are you now? Are you lifting at 90% of your 1RM? Do you know what your 1RM on all the major lifts are? Can you handle weight that’s heavier than you yet? Can you do it for multiple reps?

Odds are, now you can eat whatever you want once in a while and not worry about putting on any weight.

Very simple formula.