It’s been an interesting few weeks since I left London. I re-learned a very valuable lesson during my time abroad.

Bad eating, with more bad eating on top of that, no training and intensive practical and classroom learning.

To define bad eating: Way too many carbs, soda on a daily basis, (I know. I’m ashamed too) little to no training, too little sleep and an over consumption of a coffee so strong you could use it to strip paint.

A few days before I left Spain I decided to get my ass back in gear, decent IF (Intermittent Fasting) periods, plenty of water, rest, and nothing but meat and veggies.

and no coffee.

Day 1: no problem.

Day 2: Enter the migraine. I figured that my body was none too happy about the fact that I had just cut it off from all sugar and caffeine but I thought that the sugar was the bigger deal.

Day 3: Migaine (notice the capital “M”). It made my previous migraine feel like a bad papercut. I figured it was still the sugar withdrawal and it was about time to re-introduce carbs. One hearty meal later (I had to order three times, twice in Spanish and once in English because the waiter thought he had misunderstood.) I had enough carbs that I figured the migraine would dissipate.

No dice. The Migraine stayed.

I’m assuming it was the coffee? I had been drinking near industrial quantities of some really strong stuff (like, hand trembling strong) the past few week.

Day 4: I feel back to normal. I didn’t reintroduce caffeine into my system yet. I’m a little shocked at how bad the headache from withdrawal was. May need to take a closer look at my coffee doseage limits.

The good news is, even after two weeks of falling off the wagon, and feeling like crap, I can get back to normal within 2-3 days.

Lesson Learned:
If you fall off the wagon, you can get back on again simply enough.However, the faster you try to get back on, the more it’s going to hurt.

This will potentially affect how badly I fall off the wagon in the future.