Quick update: San Francisco has been fun. I got to visit a few gyms here as well as hang out with some very talented coaches and athletes.

I’m also very thankful that I was able to see Kelly Starrett, the owner of San Francisco Crossfit and the mind behind Mobility WOD. Long story short: I broke my arm about a decade ago and I haven’t been able to put it over head correctly since. Barbell movements I could approximate as long as the load was light, but everything else was close to impossible.

Enter Kelly.

My arm still moves a bit awkwardly, but I hadn’t been able to press my left arm upwards in about a decade. Now, I might even be able to strict press more than an empty bar. My overhead squat position and handstands have improved as well because my shoulder position doesn’t suck anymore.

We’ll get into some more theoretical stuff next time, specifically surrounding the voodoo band, and the changing model of sports conditioning.

Sidenote: Kelly is a lot bigger in person then he looks on his videos.