Nutrition is tricky. Not only is there individual variance on the physical level, but there are some very deeply ingrained social and environmental factors that play a role in eating habits.

Add in the social stigma associated with being overweight (be it real or imagined), and nutrition quickly becomes a topic best avoided in polite company, along with religion and politics.

However, if you just want some general rules for eating a bit better and some resources for further study, here you go.

The Crossfit Prescription for nutrition boils down to:

Base your diet on garden vegetables, especially greens, lean meats, nuts and seeds, little starch, and no sugar.

From working with athletes, here’s a few other important pointers:

– Get enough Sleep- Not getting enough sleep wrecks havoc on fat oxidation, mental and physical performance, etc. Do yourself a favor, get enough sleep.

– Take a multivitamin- Odds are very high that you don’t get all the vitamins and minerals that you require from your food. Take a “once-a-day” multivitamin.

– Don’t rely on willpower- If you want to eat healthier, don’t have unhealthy food within easy access. Willpower inevitably fails. Make it as easy as possible to achieve your goals, especially when starting out.

Further reading (Beginner level):

– Check out “Primal Blueprint 101” over at It’s a literal goldmine of information for nutrition and primal living.